How to keep feeling good

Goals are something that we are always moving towards in life and these can be as small as getting to work on time or as large as moving to another country.  The smaller ones in life are automatic almost, in that we don’t think of them as goals, we just do them; like getting to work on time.  The larger ones take a bit more time and commitment to achieve, and in achieving these we can sometimes feel like we’re treading water or even moving backwards.

The treadmill of life can let us feel like we’re moving forwards, but in actual fact we’re going nowhere fast.  We’re treading the water of life and using a lot of energy to stay where we are.  So how can this energy be used to our advantage so we can start to see results, or at least feel better about where it is we’re going.

Something that I would say we are quick to overlook in striving for our goals in life is our sense of well-being, and it is this, that in the end will be the deciding factor in whether or not we get to where we want to be, or at least get there happily.

It’s easy to see something we want like a degree or masters in education, a car, a holiday, a new job, the body composition we want, or anything else we can physically see.  But it can be easy to dismiss or brush our sense of well-being to one side in our quest for these more visible things.

Taking the time to address our sense of well-being and keeping it on a high is vital in keeping ourselves happy on a day to day basis, and once happy we will naturally be more inclined to act on achieving what we want from life.

There are four areas that I have put together in an exercise called ‘The Four Leaf Clover’ which if you keep on top of each, will help you to build a strong foundation within yourself to achieve your goals.

Exercise               Socialise              Re-energise       Doing what you love

I’ve found that if a person is feeling a little low or down for no apparent reason, then there’s a good chance that they have let 2 or more of these areas slip.

We all know the benefits that come with regular exercise that raises your heart rate above resting, as it releases feel good endorphins that can have a knock on effect for hours afterwards and even in to the next day.

Socialising with friends and family that are supportive, make you laugh and feel good has also been shown to have feel-good benefits beyond the event itself.

Re-energising is different for everyone.  This is about taking time out from life to do something that allows you to completely relax and re-charge your batteries. What is it for you?

And finally what you love to do is such a game changer when it comes to living a happy and productive life.

I have a story to show the power of this final one.  I picked this up from one of Jack Canfield’s talks recently:

Jack, when speaking about a similar topic to an audience, was asked by a lady how she can feel happy again, as she hadn’t felt this way since her husband had died.  He asked her what she loved to do and after a few moments of thought she replied with: playing the piano and painting.  He then asked her when was the last time she did either of these things, to which she replied “before her husband died”.  He then gave her his email address and asked her to make time for both of these activities over the next month and then to email him with what she’d found.

The following month the lady emailed Jack thanking him and explaining how happy she felt, and how she felt she had started to live again.

The effect that doing what you love in life has on your sense of well-being is massive… What do you love to do and how can you make time for it?

So the next time you feel down for no real reason, take the time to look at each of these areas and see what you could change to increase your sense of well-being.

If you’d like to see how my coaching can help you feel better about your life, and help you achieve what you want from it, then contact me now for a free and friendly chat.

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