Coaching for others

As well as coaching students I also take a great interest in helping others achieve what they want from life.  So wherever you are in life, if you feel stuck and want to change that, then coaching can help you do just that!


A bit more about coaching in general:

The main premise behind coaching is that you have the answers you need to get to where you want to be in life already inside you.  The coaching process helps you to facilitate the finding of these answers by the use of different exercises, tools, techniques, and the neutral and non-judgemental space it allows you to talk freely and openly about your life.


Benefits of coaching to you:

  • Achieve your goals more effectively as it supports changes in your attitudes and behaviour
  • Discover the life changes that are right for you by refocusing and taking a ‘step back’ look at your life
  • Be more effective in your life by identifying and breaking through preventative barriers
  • Work/life balance that is right for you
  • Self belief development
  • Confidence boosted
  • Relationship quality enriched
  • Skills and strengths fully recognised and enhanced
  • Greater understanding of yourself, and promotes your self-awareness and self management
  • Someone to listen and talk to without judgement
  • Personal development specifically tailored for you

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Other’s Testimonials


“From my first meeting with Tim I was impressed with his lovely calm demeanour which is best described as a mix of intelligence, kindness and wisdom. He brought all these qualities to our meetings and I felt very relaxed opening up to him.

After several life events including my daughter being seriously ill and losing my job, life had got tough financially and I had suffered from a lot of stress and my confidence and career identity drained, which had seriously incapacitated me to see a way forward.

Tim was invaluable in helping me work through my confusion and fears about what to do with my future. He made me think about what it was I wanted to achieve by structuring my thoughts through various coaching exercises in a way I’d never thought of before.

By working together in our coaching sessions, he helped me to focus on the things that really mattered to me and to explore new goals and the steps I could take to achieve them. Most of all he helped me to regain my confidence and clarity which has enabled me to look at myself and life with fresh positive eyes, and to be excited about the future.

I have no doubt Tim has found his own purpose in life as a coach and I would certainly recommend him as a coach to anybody.”

Business Owner and University lecturer


“Tim is providing me with 1:1 coaching as I prepare to row across the Atlantic in a small boat with two other ladies. This challenge is one of the toughest in the world. It is 80% in the head…so I am loving all that Tim is teaching me. I now have some great tools to use when I am scared, frustrated, annoyed, struggling to cope with someone else’s action or decision…..these could be small things in the big world but on a boat could be quite serious. Tim is so patient and helps me explain what I am struggling with; he is then able to provide me with a tool or exercise to manage the situation. I know that with his help I am going to find the head stuff whilst crossing the Atlantic much easier to handle. Massive thanks Tim, you really are helping me enormously. Also when I get home I will still have these helpful tools.”

Captain of The Atlantic Talisker Ladies rowing team


“My Coaching sessions with Tim have been so much more rewarding than I had imagined. During my coaching Tim made me feel relaxed and totally at ease.  As I live in London it was difficult to meet with Tim therefore we used 3 different methods of coaching: phone, face time and in person.  After each session I had with Tim I felt more motivated and felt like I was moving closer to reaching my goal.  I highly recommend life coaching as it has had such a positive impact on my life. Tim has helped me to realise that through positive thinking and changing my mind set I can feel more in control of my life.

Life Coaching has helped me to be more organised and free up sometime so I can enjoy more me time rather than being overwhelmed with paperwork and admin.”

Business Owner