Business Coaching

My Coaching can help you define what it is you want from your business and how you can go about mapping out a route to get this, whilst maintaining your desired work/life balance.

I specialise in helping you better manage any stress or anxiety you are experiencing, which in turn will super charge your progress in building your business.

I have coached a wide variety of clients ranging from small business owners to university lecturers, to accountants, to students, to the captain of the Atlantic Ladies Rowing team, and many others in between.

Benefits of coaching to you and your business

  • Achieve your goals more effectively as it supports changes in your attitudes and behaviour.
  • Discover the business/life changes that are right for you by refocusing and taking a ‘step back’ look at your life and business.
  • Be more effective in your business and life in general by identifying and breaking through preventative barriers
  • Work/life balance that is right for you
  • Self belief development
  • Confidence boosted
  • Relationship quality enriched
  • Skills and strengths fully recognised and enhanced
  • Greater understanding of yourself, and promotes your self-awareness and self management
  • Someone to listen and talk to without judgement
  • Personal development specifically tailored for you

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