About Tim

Hi, I’m Tim!

After spending my 20’s as a guitarist in a touring band, and for a time also managing the band, I decided it was time to find a more stable way of living.  This brought me to officially train in what at the time was my second passion in life – Health and fitness.  So I began working as a personal trainer and GP referral instructor, which later led me to train in cardiac rehabilitation.  After a number of years in this industry a life occurrence caused me to face my anxiety and OCD head on.  This was the beginning of a journey of self-discovery for me, one of which, had I not accepted and grown through the experience that life had presented to me, I would have never become the person I am today, and that would’ve been a real shame.  Growing through this time involved me spreading my wings of experience in to new things.  So herein began an era of a lot of first times for me.  From challenging my fear of heights by flying a small plane, to flying over the Nile in a hot air balloon, to solo travelling around Africa, Asia, Indonesia and South America, to learning the golden gem of personal development in being comfortable within my own company, and many other first times, to which there would be too many to mention here.  This whole period of my life led me to train in Life Coaching, and more specifically to help student’s better deal with any stress or anxiety they are experiencing at university, along with helping them to get the best out of their time there, and then their lives beyond education.

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